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  Mission Statement of the Project

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PostSubject: Mission Statement of the Project   Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:06 am

The things we wish to achieve:

1. An easy way to create custom cards

2. Scripting support/tutorials so users can jump right into scripting cards

3. Resource center/graphic arts that can help users find/develop art to use with their custom cards
4. Oversight groups that can filter cards into categories, such as fun, casual, and competitive. This will prevent overpowered or unbalanced cards from running wild in the database. Impact on the banlist should be minimum due to properly designed and reviewed cards

5. Database management should be clean and portable. One users database should be able to merge with another's or work alongside another user's. Also a database guide with tools and support for those submitting their completed cards to the project.

6. Sets of custom cards are added to the database instead of appending to the main cdb file. An "extensions"-type system could work

7. PTSC reference so cards are readable and concise. Cards should not have to be edited or revised for any reason due to improper construction

8. A central hub for the creative users of the Yugioh community. We want everyone to be able to share and oversee the creation of custom cards so we have a playable and balanced system, along with creative and outside influence.
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Mission Statement of the Project
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